Saturday, April 5, 2008

Upper Roof Heavy Timber

Hooray, the glue lam timbers for the upper bow roof are installed.

The heavy timber framing for this project is Forest Stewardship Council, (FSC), Certified wood for all the glue laminated timbers that were not exposed to the visual eye. We selected Alaskan Cedar for the exposed heavy timbers. This included the face of the upper bowed roof, the face of the master bedroom bowed roof and all of the heavy timber for the porch framing. The intent is to allow the exposed wood to weather naturally, eliminating the need to put a finish on the wood and thus eliminating the need for long term maintenance. The heavy timber was supplied by Timberweld, the decking for all of the roof is also FSC Certified supplied by Certified Wood Products, Inc. out of Maple Grove, Minnesota.

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