Sunday, October 12, 2008

Window & Door Installation

The delivery of the infamous Mueller doors and windows occurred around Labor day of 2008. It felt similar to having a newly adopted child show up in your life. The windows and doors took a big trip on a ship from German to Montreal and then trucked to Minneapolis and finally driven to Isabella. Miraculously they arrived in one piece. They were big, beautiful, heavy and amazingly engineered.

Only a visit to the ecohome can do these works of art justice, plan a trip to Isabella to experience the integrity of these castle worthy doors and windows.

Nathan, Jose and Nick, the contractors, key to installation of these doors preformed no less than a miracle in the effort to install these 2000 lbs window units. It took 20 guys to unload them from the containerized truck.


storm said...

storm door installation is simple but common mistakes occur are when you are cutting vertical mounting frames and drilling holes to fit hardware on a wood-core storm door. So be precise.

deirdre g said...

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Deny Richard said...

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jake ostler said...

Will mostly any company that does window and door installations in Calgary be able to put in a storm door for me, or am I going to need to hire a specially qualified contractor?

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